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Southern house plans are often larger homes found on farmland in the American south. Country houses with large front porches and large open floor plans with plenty of living spaces are often found in the southern architectural style.

The exterior of southern home plans typically features gabled roofs and amazing outdoor living spaces like outdoor kitchens. Symmetry plays a big part in defining the exterior of southern country style homes. Large windows allow in natural light on the front of the homes.

This style borrows from Georgian, New-classical, and Greek Revival architecture and often includes large pillars and balconies.

The interior of these southern country house plans typically feature tall ceilings and share an interior design similar to the Modern Farmhouse style. Modern rustic decor completes the perfect southern living style.

These home designs range in square footage and can be found as 1 story layouts, 1.5 story layouts, or 2 story layouts.

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