Cost Estimator by Advanced House Plans

Introducing the AHP Cost-to-Build Estimator™

We created this tool to give perspective buyers a better idea of the total budget they would need to build the house plan they are looking at. When building this tool, we wanted it to be different from our competitors. Most of the other tools overcomplicate things and don't include every aspect of home building, giving you a number that may be over $100,000 off. We have simplified the process and are happy to give you cost-to-build estimates free of charge!

Note: This tool was created for the sole purpose of giving our customers a general idea of the total cost to build our plans. This estimate should not be used for any purposes such as obtaining financing, or holding a builder responsible for getting close to your estimate. If you are looking for an exact number for those purposes please get the plan bid out by a contractor. Advanced House Plans assumes no responsibility if the estimate isn't exact.

How do we calculate the estimate?

1. We take your entered zip code, and we pull real estate records to get the cost/sq ft for new construction in your area. This number is an all-in cost that includes builder fees, excavation, realtor fees, and even lot cost.

2. We then take the cost/sq ft and apply it to the total finished area of the house plan you are looking at. This gives us a ball park price that is very close to accurate for your area.

3. Since each plan is unique and the cost/sq ft assumes a lot of standard home features, we make adjustments based on the house plan's unique features. This includes features like extra garage space, large covered porch/patio, etc.

4. After we fine tune the estimate, we create a low to high range. This helps to cover any variances for your exact situation. For example, if you are building on a slab, the low range will be closer to accurate. If you are building a full walkout basement, the high range will be closer to accurate. This also helps cover your unique lot features, such as building on a lake or a gated community.

5. Finally, we let you adjust the level of finishes for the house. Based on the level you choose, your cost estimate will change.

How do I use the estimator?

The Cost-to-Build Estimator is currently available on all of our house plans. Just look for the section with the orange background. Enter your zip code, choose your finish quality level and hit the "Get Your Free Estimate" button. You can also use the tool provided below to help you narrow down your search.

Budget Finder

Use this tool to find plans in your desired budget.