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Multi-family homes are a popular choice of property owners because they allow you to maximize revenue from your land and also make the most efficient use of shared building materials. Whether you need multi family home plans for a duplex or triplex, we offer designs that are roomy and comfortable as well as attractive to potential tenants.

Multi family homes are favored by older couples who need to downsize, younger couples who are just starting out, and low-income families who can’t afford a home of their own but want something more than an apartment. Our multi family house plans have the look and feel of single family homes, and in fact, many of our multi family floor plans are based on our single family house plans. Most of our multi family house plan designs include a garage for each unit to make them even more attractive to tenants.

Browse our selection of multi family home designs and call us with any questions. If you don’t see the specific type of multi family floor plan you have in mind, ask us -- we can create a custom duplex house plan for you based on your requirements or adapted from one of our popular single family home plans. Call Us Today at 402-445-0489!


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