Top Room Designs for 2021

Written by: Kylie Morrow

The year 2021 has been one where we’ve got to spend quality time with our families in the comfort of our homes despite the pandemic creating havoc across the world. With more time spent at home, there’s been a flurry of interior designing ideas on the rise with many of us wanting to put our own stamp on the décor of our spaces. Besides keeping us productive with remote working it is also increasingly becoming a hub of various activities, be it home-schooling, late-night budgeting, or entertaining friends over the weekends. Let’s explore some of the top room design ideas for 2021.


Getting Inspired by the Great Outdoors

Tweak your room décor according to the changing seasons. Summer brings with it the beauty and abundance of nature. Bring in the scents of your garden through a floral arrangement of seasonal flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit as a center table display. Winter is synonymous with wood logs and cozy fires while the hues of autumn can be a big inspiration to create seasonal accents to display around the house. Rearranging and changing your linen and wall décor to suit the seasons can lend an aura of bringing nature indoors.


Using Natural or Eco-Friendly Elements

Eco-friendly décor has a calming and meditative effect and can help you to de-stress after a hard day at work. You can achieve this room décor by incorporating earthy fabrics and warm colors. The hues which would work best are beige, olive green, gold, and dull orange. Natural fabrics including jute, linen, and rattan work very well and are also sustainable. These fabrics can be incorporated in throws, carpets, and accessories like baskets. Natural fiber or wool carpets and jute rugs fit right into this type of deco style. Using organic prints on upholstery or bed linen, ergonomic seating, low sofas, wicker furniture and lots of natural light can create a zen-like ambiance.


Going Green With House Plants

Besides helping add oxygen to your surroundings, house plants can also create a peaceful and calm ambiance akin to being amidst nature. There are various types of plants you may fancy including big leafy potted plants, hanging creepers, or potted cacti. These can add color to your home and assist in filtering out the pollutants in the air.


Using Mood Lights

Soft mood lighting can make a big difference when all you want to do is put your feet up and relax at the end of a tiring day. Installing dimmable lights is a benefit when you’re using a room like a living room for different purposes throughout the day. For instance, you’ll need a stronger light when the kids are being homeschooled, but a much softer glow for when you’re watching TV or just chilling with friends. You can install standing lamps, table lamps, or spotlights, as per your preference, or use a combination of these.


Investing in Multi-Purpose Furniture

When you’re using your living room for various purposes throughout the day, including as a home office, teaching the kids, and possibly home-schooling them, and entertaining friends at the weekends, it will do you well to invest in some multi-purpose furniture. For example, you could buy a sturdy sofa cum bed with storage underneath. The aim is to maximize space with minimal clutter.


Up-Cycling Furniture

This involves reclaiming furniture from vintage stores or charity markets and making them your own with a bit of up-cycling. It could be an old chest of drawers to which you have added decorative handles after sanding down and painting it.


Creating Beautiful Vignettes

Vignettes can be created throughout your house to lend a unique charm. For instance, you could add a collection of random memorabilia such as souvenirs from your past travels to a floating shelf or any bowl placed on any flat surface. You can also instantly add dimension to your space when your layer rugs on your floor. The more the merrier and they can also help protect your floor.


Building a Feature Wall

Build one wall in your room as a feature wall to display your artworks or framed photographs of special occasions or special people in your life. It will help you walk down memory lane every time you glance up and also serve as the good focal point for fun conversations should you have guests over.


Using Statement Pieces As Art

If you’d like to keep your décor and accents to a minimum you could go for one single statement piece for a certain spot like above your sofa or your bed. This could be as varied as a vintage poster framed as per your preference or an African statue from your travels to the continent.


Investing in a Creative Headboard and Good Mattress

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and should reflect your personality. A quirky shaped headboard that contrasts with the color of your wallpaper is fun and can instantly pick up a dull room. A plush or firm mattress on the other hand is essential for a good night’s sleep. Opt for mattress recycling or mattress disposal before you invest in a new one and make sure you have the right mattress dimensions for your bed before you go shopping.


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