How To Create a Comfy Yet Trendy Workspace Area at Home

Written by: Kylie Morrow

More people than ever are working from home today. In fact, studies show that nine out of 10 workers in America are currently planning to continue at least some degree of remote work since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent quarantine revealed to many businesses and their employees that remote work was a viable and productive option. Working from home can be great for focus, productivity, and overall general organizational morale. However, one important step to ensuring that working from home is a viable option is making sure that you have a workspace that is conducive for at-home work.

In your at-home workspace, make sure you focus on both comfort and trendiness. You want to ensure your body feels good working in the space all day, but that you also feel inspired by and proud of the design of the space. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you're trying to create a trendy yet comfy workspace at home.

Choose the Right Chair

You're probably going to be sitting a lot if you have a job that requires you to work on the computer. Unless you plan to get a standing desk, put some effort into selecting the best chair for you to do business in. One strategy to consider for finding the best chair for your workspace is looking through the best gaming chairs. All of the best gaming chairs are ergonomically designed for people who are going to be sitting in them for a long time. They're also designed for people who will be using their arms and hands on a controller or keyboard while sitting in the chair.

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When you look through the best gaming chairs, consider the color you want to bring into your office, the style that matches the rest of your aesthetic, and the size of the chair in relation to your desk or workspace. By choosing the right chair, you can avoid neck, back, and shoulder pain and ensure you feel comfortable working as long at home as you would during a workday at your office.

Decorate the Walls

Don't leave the walls of your at-home workspace blank if you want to create a trendy look. Even if you have one of the comfiest or best gaming chairs on the planet in your office, your office won't feel welcoming or homey if it also feels sterile and character-less. Start by filling your office with the things you need for work. These items can include calendars, bulletin boards, whiteboards, and other items from work that remind you of the projects and material you're working on.

Then, add wall art that makes the space feel fashionable and like a reflection of your personality. Consider adding a poster of a famous piece of art that you really love. Alternatively, you can create a gallery wall on one of your office walls containing photos of your loved ones. These photos can keep you company during a long, hard workday and remind you of all the support and love you have in your life while you're not busy at work.

Let the Light In

Light is so important in an at-home office. Not only will proper lighting ensure that you can see your workspace well enough so that you don't strain your eyes while you work, but will also make your space feel enlivening and full of energy. Make sure you have enough overhead lighting balanced with table lamps to ensure your space is illuminated from every angle and that all-important surfaces can be seen clearly. Also, don't just focus on ensuring your space is lit with lightbulbs from various light sources.

Also, set your workspace up somewhere in your home where there is at least one window so you can get sunlight into the space, as well. Getting enough sunlight even through the windows, when you can't go outside, can help alleviate any feelings of Seasonal Affective Disorder and help regulate your body's internal clock. Sunlight is a natural mood lifter, so you can ensure you have as much of it as possible in the place where you will be getting your work done.

Fill Your Workspace With Coziness

If you had a workspace in an office building, you probably didn't have much but your chair and desk—the stuff you need to get work done. In your home, you can work to make your workspace cozy and comfy, so it's not only a place that feels good while you're using it for work, but also that draws you to it—so you feel good about working there, even if other families - or home-related activities are going on around you.

There are many ways you can make your office cozy, in addition to outfitting it with one of the best gaming chairs for you to work in. Keep a pile of folded blankets in your office, to put on your lap or wrap around your shoulders if you get cold while you work.

Alternatively, make sure you have a pillow for your chair, something to put your feet up on, and a place to rest a beverage. If you're intentional about choosing the look of each of these items, you can create a cohesive aesthetic in your office, while ensuring it's also a very comfy place to be.

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