Creating a Spa-Like Bedroom Retreat

Written by: Gabe Nelson

Self-care is growing increasingly important, with more people seeking time to relax and take a moment to themselves each day. 

Having a self-care routine has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress, improve concentration, relieve frustrations, and improve happiness. It can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

Many people head to the spa when they want to engage in self-care, but if you’re on a budget, regular spa visits may not be so practical. As enjoyable as the spa can be, you may need to find an alternative route to practice your self-care routine. 

By creating a spa-like retreat in your bedroom, you can put your money to better use, finding ways to relax and unwind that are budget-friendly. 

If self-care is important to you and your well-being, consider turning your bedroom into a serene spa retreat. With simple additions, cozy details, and spa-like accessories, you will be practicing self-care from the comfort of your home in no time. 

If you love the spa but want to save money on the cost, here are some innovative ideas to help you transform your bedroom into a spa-like retreat. For relaxation, inner peace, and reduced stress, shift your bedroom into the spa oasis of your dreams. 


Use a Neutral Color Palette 

To kickstart the look of a spa retreat in your bedroom, you need to stick to a neutral color palette. The walls should be painted white, beige, or a light shade of green. You want the room to be light and neutral, to create a calming space. 

Any pieces that you put in the room, such as a nightstand, vanity, or dresser, should stay white or wood, matching the entire look of the room. These neutral, earthy tones will tie everything together, pulling off the spa look you are trying to recreate. 

Think about colors you would see in nature and use this to inspire the color palette of your bedroom. 


Add a Plush, Cozy Touch

To establish the luxurious feeling you typically get when at the spa, simply add plush, cozy details into the room. This will bring in a touch of comfort, helping deliver the spa-like essence you are looking for. 

Start with your bed, making it a focal point of the entire space. Add a plush comforter to your bed, in a crisp, clean white, to indulge in spa-like relaxation every time you go to sleep. Invest in some new, fluffy pillows too, for that extra bit of added comfort. These additions will turn your bed into a cloud, making it the perfect place to chill out after a long day. 

Add in minimal furniture, bringing cozy, functional details into the space.  

If you have extra room, consider adding a comfy chair, a versatile ottoman, or a simple pouf that matches the neutral theme. These bits of furniture will tie into the entire space, keeping with the cozy, plush style that you want to maintain.


Install an Electric Fireplace 

By installing an electric fireplace into your spa-like retreat, you can add to the overall ambiance and aesthetic of the space. 

While a fireplace is practical for warmth during cooler months, it can also bring a cozy, relaxing, and luxurious feeling to your bedroom. To set the mood for the spa-like setting, an electric fireplace is a perfect addition. 

Pros of Investing in an Electric Fireplace: 

  • They offer elegant and unique designs for any style you are looking for. 

  • In smaller rooms, a wall-mount electric fireplace can save space 

  • They are durable, long-lasting, and easy to operate. 

  • Install is easy with no technician necessary. It is so simple you can do it yourself. 

  • They are powered by electricity, so no worries about gas or wood. This promotes a safer alternative to traditional fireplaces. 

  • Easily control the heat or temperature in your room. 


Incorporate the Proper Lighting 

Like any good spa, you do not want your bedroom to be overwhelmed with bright, white lights. Instead, use dim lighting to set the mood of your spa-like retreat. 

Replace overhead lights with a floor lamp or a table lamp, to bring in bits of light where necessary. Add window treatments or heavy shades, to keep the room dim, even during the day. This will help you recreate a spa-like style, keeping the room dim for maximum relaxation. 



Keep Everything Minimal 

To successfully bring the design of a spa into your bedroom, you must remember to keep everything simple and minimal. 

To create the zen, spa-like retreat you are going for, you must avoid all clutter. Make sure that your bedroom space is organized and clean, with hidden spaces for disguised storage. Develop a system in your closet for advanced organization, to avoid the chances of your room becoming too messy. 

A clean and organized room can reduce stress, leaving you relaxed and at peace. 


Add in Spa-Like Accessories 

To add the finishing touch that your bedroom needs, incorporate spa-like accessories that will inspire relaxation in this space. These bits of detail and decor will be what ties the entire room together, setting the tone for your spa-like bedroom retreat. 


Add Live Plants

To bring in some color, a breath of life, and natural detail, live plants can be the perfect addition to your spa-like space. 

Live plants will add life to any room, bringing in earthy tones of green. They will add a pop of color and simplicity to your space, helping you recreate an ideal spa-like setting. These plants will also bring in peace and tranquility, giving the bit of extra zen you need in your newly transformed bedroom.


Utilize Aromatherapy 

Adding in details that incorporate aromatherapy can help pull off the entire aesthetic of your spa-like retreat. Aromatherapy is a big part of reducing stress and feeling relaxed, due to the scents and the ambiance they can create in a room. 

What to Add into Your Room:

  • Candles 

  • Incense 

  • A diffuser with essential oils  

These minor details can completely shift the vibe of your room, bringing in a relaxing scent and state of mind. Find essential oils, incense sticks, or candles in soothing scents, to indulge in maximum relaxation. Consider lavender, eucalyptus, or bergamot, since these are all very tranquil and calming. 




Include Self-Care Products 

Add a few fun self-care products into your room, to maximize your spa-like experience. Depending on your self-care routine, bring in different products you enjoy or want to try, so they’re ready for the next time you need a relaxing night. 

What to Add into the Room: 

  • Face masks 

  • Under-eye gels 

  • Lotion or body oil 

  • A Jade roller 

These minor details can bring a lot to the room, bringing in finishing touches that will tie together the entire spa aesthetic. 


Bring in the Zen 

With all these details you may be itching to add a little more zen into your bedroom space. By looking for innovative ways to incorporate more tranquility into your spa-like retreat, you can pull off the entire theme. 

Consider adding in a tabletop water fountain, to increase the feeling of peace and relaxation when you’re in this space. Listening to the sounds of the water will help bring more zen into your space, adding to the ambiance of a spa-like retreat. It will mimic your experience at an actual spa but from the comfort of your home. 

This can be a unique addition, bringing the tranquility and solace you look for in this type of peaceful setting. 


Creating the Spa-Like Bedroom Retreat of your Dreams 




If you love going to the spa, feeling relaxed and refreshed after a long week, why not turn your bedroom into the spa-like retreat of your dreams? 

Regular spa visits can add up over time. They are not very practical or cost-effective, especially if you’re on a budget. Instead, take that money and use it to turn your bedroom into a spa-like oasis. Bring the spa to the comfort of your bedroom, to indulge in self-care and relaxation at any time. 

To recreate a spa-like retreat, pick details that remind you of your previous spa experiences and add them to your bedroom. Consider adding in plush sheets and pillows, cozy furniture, an electric fireplace, live plants, or aromatherapy products. These are the details that will help pull off the spa theme. 

By incorporating spa-like details and decor into your space, you will create a calm, peaceful, and tranquil place to chill out after a long day. You can practice your self-care routine while burning a candle, relaxing with the scent of lavender or eucalyptus. Listen to the peaceful sounds of a water fountain, for added solace in this setting. 

In no time you’ll be relaxed and refreshed from the comfort of your bedroom, visiting the spa each day in a budget-friendly way. 

By bringing the essence of the spa to your home, you can feel relaxed, refreshed, and stress-free every time you indulge in your self-care routine. 

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