6 Ways To Make Your Home Smarter

Written by: Kylie Morrow

As technology advances, options to make our homes smarter keep emerging. In 2022, people are finding several ways to make their homes smarter. Smart home products can help improve the safety and enjoyment of your home. From fingerprint door locks to nest thermostats, smart gadgets can make daily tasks easier and allow you to spend more time doing the things you love.

Let’s explore six ways you can make your home smarter this year.

1. Nest Thermostat

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Not only does the nest thermostat come with amazing smart features like the ability to adjust your home’s temperature from your phone, it also can help you save money on your monthly energy bills. Smart thermostats, such as the Nest, are becoming so popular because they are “smart” enough to learn which temperatures you like in your home and when. 

The thermostat programs itself and creates a customized schedule based on your needs and usage. In turn, this helps you save on monthly energy bills by not wasting money heating or cooling your home at times you don’t need it.

2. Smart Light Bulbs

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Smart light bulbs are exciting new light bulbs that can be adjusted using your voice. As this blog post mentions, smart light bulbs can change the way you move around your home. Programmable smart lightbulbs can be set to go on and off at specific times. Like the previously mentioned smart thermostat, this is another way to help you save on your energy bills.

3. Ring Doorbells

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This smart home improvement is all about safety. For people who travel frequently or are away from their homes often, the Ring doorbell provides an extra level of security by allowing you to view when someone approaches your front door in real-time, helping eliminate theft, break ins and other suspicious activity. Simply download the Ring doorbell app and keep tabs on your front door, no matter where you are. Making small improvements to make your home smarter, like a ring doorbell, can be a great investment to provide an additional level of safety.

4. Smart Blinds

Smart blinds, or electric blinds, connect to an app that you can use to control your blinds from anywhere. Using voice controls, speak to your blinds and tell them exactly how you’d like them adjusted. Smart blinds come in many types and styles, so they can fit well into any room in your home. For rooms like living rooms and family rooms, these are perfect to adjust the lighting in your room all without having to leave the couch!

5. Smart Refrigerators

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If you’re looking for a modern kitchen upgrade, consider a smart refrigerator. Smart refrigerators not only look super modern and high-tech, but they also have excellent features that can help make your life a lot easier. Many smart refrigerators feature large touchscreen interfaces, which allow you to do many daily tasks, all through your fridge!  

Some examples include creating grocery shopping lists, setting food expiration dates and reminders to eat foods, transparent features to see what is inside the fridge without opening it (to save energy) and more! Many smart fridges are designed with methods to help you save time on daily tasks and make cooking and spending time in your kitchen more enjoyable. No more wondering to yourself whether you need more milk in the middle of the grocery store. Simply pull up your fridge app and take a look inside to find out from afar!

6. Smart Garage Door Openers

Smart garage door openers are perfect if you’re always second-guessing if you remembered to close the garage door. If you’ve ever driven away and started questioning yourself, a smart garage door opener can help put your mind at ease — and make sure the garage door actually gets closed. From your smartphone, you can view the status of your doors and open or close them, as needed. Expecting a delivery? Simply open and close the garage from anywhere, so you won’t need to leave work! This helps keep your deliveries safer by instructing large deliveries to be placed in the garage. Once the delivery team leaves, use your phone to close the door. 

A smart garage door opener is perfect for the forgetful homeowner. You won’t have to wonder where your remote is; since the remote is your smartphone! Even better, the smart garage door opener system can help make other home improvements easier. Allow access into your home for visitors or contractors, without having to be home.

Smart home improvements are great to make our lives easier and safer. Each of the six upgrades mentioned in this article are popular smart home improvements thanks to their high-tech and useful features. However, it is important not to forget about more traditional home upgrades and maintenance too, like cleaning your gutter guards. Gutter guards should be cleaned to make sure water can still get through to your gutters. New technology can get us carried away, but regular home maintenance is still important to keeping your home in excellent condition.


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