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Advanced House Plans is in the business of crafting the best house plans, designed exclusively by our experienced team of architects and residential drafters. We understand what makes a beautiful, functional, and lasting home, and we are constantly striving to create the highest quality house plans found nowhere else. From modest starter homes to high-end luxury house plans, our ever-growing portfolio has a Perfect Fit home plan for you.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Custom Dream House Plans

5 mistakes to avoid when designing a custom home

It's finally time. The kids have moved out/you've landed that big time promotion/your penny-pinching is paying off/[insert significant life goal here] and you're thinking of a change of scenery. Whatever your life's circumstances, you're finally at a place to start thinking about your next home - your dream home - but what do you need to know and where do you start? Like everything in life, a little planning - in this case, some pre-planning - will go a long...

Posted by Harry Staab

4 Beautiful Custom Homes That Will Inspire You to Design Your Own!

Over the dozen years we've been in business, we've had our hand in thousands of projects - from expanding and modifying our collection of originally designed house plans to crafting custom solutions all across the country. We've had our share of remodel projects, created unique versions of many of our plans for hundreds of builders, and have helped hundreds of families create custom home designs of every size, shape, and style. Our work has been featured in the Omaha Street of Dreams several times now, and we continue to challenge ourselves to be the best home designers in our area!


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Go Big or Go Tiny Home!

The Tiny Home movement is sweeping the nation, with folks reconsidering their priorities and going "big" by going really, really small. Whether you are looking to significantly downsize, or just for a small plan to build out in the middle of nowhere, consider a tiny home. These efficient designs aim to get the most out of a small space, and are great projects to build yourself.

Our latest Plan of the Week is our own take at this unique perspective on home design. Meet the Kristine!

Posted by Harry Staab

Our Popular 2 Story House Plan, the Cavallari, is Currently Half Off!

Finding the right plan to build is not an easy task. It takes patience, an attentive eye, and even some luck to stumble upon that perfect fit house plan that combines the right look with a functional floor plan and economical price tag. While we aim to design every plan to be "just right" for someone, it's unrealistic to expect a plan to meet everyone's needs. Every builder is different - with unique clientele, building methods, and style. This is why we strive to design new house plans in a variety of sizes and styles. We're growing...
Posted by Harry Staab