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Edward's Stone produces and installs natural, thincut stone for your home. Whether you want the beauty of natural stone inside or outside, Edward's Stone can provide you with a product that will last a lifetime. 

We proudly recommend and specify Edward's Stone for all of our homes. Their quality is unmatched.

From Edward's Stone's website:

Why Choose Natural Thin Veneer Stone?
Natural thin veneer stone offers many benefits over manufactured stone. Unlike manufactured stone, this is a natural product from the earth. Chip it, and you'll only see more colorful beauty that won't fade or wash away; as a matter of fact the sun and time will enhance its beauty. Natural thin veneer stone's color is rich and authentic. Natural thin veneer stone is resilient this product has been around for millions of years. Thin stone has the ability to offer the beauty of natural stone at an affordable price.
Natural thin veneer stone is a lightweight alternative to full size veneer. A thin veneer is cut from natural stone and its thickness is 1/4" to 1 1/4". The weight restriction is 15 pounds per square foot; thin stone is light enough to be supported by the wall to which it's applied.
Some more benefits of natural stone thin veneer include:
  • It's easier for masons to handle and can be installed in about half the time as standard veneer, providing cost savings.
  • More thin veneer can be shipped per truckload than standard veneer.
  • Thin veneer is available in all the natural colors and blends of a standard veneer.
  • In many cases, it can be installed without a brick/stone ledge or foundation making it especially good to use for remodeling projects and zero clearance fireplaces.
  • Each piece is unique and there is no risk of having a repeating pattern on installations. This can be an issue with manufactured stone.
  • Unlike manufactured stone, natural stone thin veneer can be custom cut to meet your specifications. In addition, corner pieces can be cut to your specifications if you need them in angles other than 90 degrees.
  • Natural stone thin veneer can be easily matched to Edward's Stone landscaping stone products.
  • Every project has a budget. If you want the look of a full veneer and the pride in knowing that you have chosen a natural stone without the associated costs, natural stone thin veneer is the perfect choice.

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