Perfect Fit Homes

Advanced House Plans was launched in 2002, through the partnership of Tom Clark and Jason Diederich. With a serious commitment to creating lifestyle-centered home designs, the company serves a wide range of clientele within the home-builder and home-buyer arenas. Advanced House Plans has won a variety of awards for their home designs in the Street of Dreams and Parade of Homes events, as well as in a number of charity show homes. Above and beyond public recognition, the team’s passion is in working with individual clients to create home designs that feel like a Perfect Fit.

Tom Clark

With a bachelors degree in Architecture from Kansas State University, Tom has amassed a wide range of experience as a designer of both residential and commercial projects since 1987. Tom’s abilities are enhanced by his keen understanding of various building systems, green building technologies and energy-efficient design.

Jason Diederich

With an extensive background in residential construction and a degree in Computer Aided Design and Drafting, Jason possesses a thorough understanding of home design and the building process. Always a creative with a passion for architecture, Jason has been designing homes since 1991.

The Tailor-Made Advantage of Advanced House Plans

Whether large or small, sophisticated or casual, the design of your next home should perfectly fit who you are and how you live. At Advanced House Plans we specialize in creating custom-tailored, thoughtfully designed home plans that complement every aspect of our clients’ day-to-day lives at home. In short, we create lifestyle-centered home designs which in effect, actually enhance equity- and for each of our customers, feel like a Perfect Fit.

We Listen

Our design team takes the time to ask the right questions- and more importantly, to carefully listen to your concerns, your wishes, your dreams for your next home. Your input is essential in helping us understand how your new home should “live.” With that in mind, you can expect to be actively involved throughout the entire design process, as together we clarify the look, feel and function of your new home, both inside and out.

We Guide

Drawing upon nearly a half-century of combined experience in the home design and construction industries, our team will provide you with valuable insights regarding interior traffic patterns, room arrangements, energy efficient building material, cutting-edge construction techniques and much, much more. We’ll help you clearly define your needs and desires while escorting you through the details of sensible home design. With a thorough understanding of the design you wish to achieve, we’ll articulate you ideas through conceptual sketches and even 3-D modeling, to help you envision your home as it will actually be built. It’s all part of guiding you toward our ultimate goal- the creation of a home plan that far exceeds your current expectations. In other words, a Perfect Fit home design.

We Provide

Listening to you and guiding you through the design process is crucial to what we work so hard to provide- a finished set of high-quality construction drawings that will allow your dreams of home to become a reality. Each home plan we produce is thoroughly detailed- meticulously drafted with technical expertise and the latest in architectural computer software. In addition to expert drafting and detailing, all of our designs are also professionally engineered to ensure structural integrity as well as the issuance of necessary building permits.

At Advanced House Plans we have experience in designing any style of home you might request- Traditional, European, Mediterranean…the list goes on and on. As an option to our custom designed homes, however, we also offer an excellent selection of pre-designed home plans. These plans are produced with the same attention to detail as our custom designs and are available in a wide variety of architectural styles and sizes. As an added service, we can customize any of our pre-designed home plans to meet your specific needs. Whether custom designed or pre-designed, every home plan from Advanced House Plans reflects our commitment to provide home designs that are without a doubt, a Perfect Fit for builders and buyers alike.

Advanced House Plans is a proud member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.