Home is truly where the heart is—so why not decorate yours in a way that will reflect your personality, taste and lifestyle? Whether you want to transform your drab walls into something that pops with color, or you simply want to add more personality to your living room, personalizing your home without going over a budget has never been easier with this handy guide of quick tips and fool-proof techniques.

Double-duty Furniture

Mom & taxi driver, dad & short-order cook – you play multiple roles in your home life, and why shouldn’t your furniture? Whether you’re working with a small space and need to maximize every square inch, or want stylish options for extra storage or guest accommodation, there are a wealth of affordable options that can meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Storage ottomans with removable tops make it easy to hide all your clutter in plain sight. Articulating coffee tables become perfect height TV trays for dinner. And gone are the days of your grandparents’ lumpy pull-out – whether your style is transitional or modern, attractive sleeper sofas pull double duty for movie night sleepovers.

A Little Bit of Hardware Goes a Long Way

When was the last time you took a stroll through your local hardware store? Don’t be intimidated if it’s been a while—or you haven’t ever been to one! Replacing hardware is an easy way to update your home and showcase your personal design style. Swap out those dated or builder grade door and cabinet knobs you’ve had for years with colorful and fun knobs that will give each room a pop of color. You can always go for a more custom look with something black or gold. The great thing about hardware is that you can take home several sample options to test out different looks before you commit. It’s a small change that has proven to have a big impact when updating your living space.  Convert your boring cased opening with a set of barn doors, for not to much money you can completely change the look of the room.


Creating a Master Bedroom Oasis

Without a doubt, master bedroom redos produce some of the highest amounts of emotional ROI for homeowners. And many look to create an environment that is both peaceful and insulating – a retreat where they can relax and let the cares of the day slip away. And when you think about it, it makes sense. The bedroom is where you begin and end every day. So wouldn’t you want a space that wakes you peacefully in the morning and welcomes you home in the evening?

You can achieve just that with 3 easy updates: paint, drapes, and linens. Choose cool, pale tones (something not overly saturated) of aquas or greys for the walls to create an airy feel in the room. Complimenting drapery can add a pop of color for a little energy, and can even come with blackout lining to shield the room from harsh amounts of sunlight. Lastly, and this is where we would splurge, pick up some quality linens (we recommend a full cotton in a high thread count for easy care and a supremely soft feel) to add some luxury and comfort to your bed and make it a place you look forward to sliding into every night.

When you think outside of the box, personalizing your home can be affordable, fun and fulfilling. Take it room by room, and show off your inner interior design skills by staying within budget, and making it a unique place everyone in your family will be excited to come home to.



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