When it comes to interior design, 2016 is all about making up your own rules. You can mix and match patterns and metals. You can personalize your living room without it costing a fortune, and you can even find high quality artwork at a fraction of the cost you think (and even by the click of your mouse!) Here are the five myths about Interior design and the facts you need to set you straight.


Myth #1: You Need to Pick One Style and Stick to It!

Who says every room in your house has to match with perfection? While the old rules of interior design used to be that you should find one color and stick to it, nothing could be further from the truth, today. Start with your major furniture pieces, and make sure that they visually balance one another out. Then, apply a color scheme or theme that makes the entire room ‘flow’ together. Cohesiveness is more important than every piece of furniture or theme being from the same period.

For example, one of the biggest trends for 2016 are mismatched kitchen counter tops. When designing your house plan you can create a striking look by topping a stand-alone buffet counter or your island with a contrasting stone or dark-stained butcher block.

Myth #2: Stay Away From Dark Paint (Unless You Want Your Room to Look Smaller!)

Did your mother tell you that dark paint makes a room look smaller? It’s one of the most common myths around. The truth is, while this can sometimes be true, when your room is done right, darkly painted rooms can actually add great depth and design. Choose a darker color as a backdrop to your fireplace, or behind your bookshelves in your home office and you’ve instantly added depth and richness to your home.


Myth #3: Stick to One Type of Metal, Color or Pattern

If 2015 taught us anything (which will continue in 2016), it’s this: metals were meant to be mixed. Mixing silver and gold has been a popular trend, and for good enough reason—it brings personality and adventure into your space, and without you having to break the bank. Do you want to add some warmth to your living room? If you have a white couch add pops of colorful pillows and accents for easy lounging. Hang a fun shaped mirror above your mantle and a timeless coffee table that can mix and match with any metal accents. It’s the perfect setup for elegant warmth.



Myth #4: Great Art is Too Expensive for Those on a Budget

Are your walls without any artwork to speak of? Did you design niches in your house plan? High quality art isn’t unattainable for those on a budget—and in fact, it’s a great way to add personality to your home. Start with personalized art work, and matte and frame it to go with the color scheme of your home. You can even turn your Instagram photos into a masterpiece for your wall! Choose a few pieces of art or photography that you love, and hang them in your hallway, the main wall in your dining room, or as the main piece in your living room to enjoy. Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, you can really get creative for adding art to your space.

Myth #5: All Furniture Should Be Against a Wall

Arranging your furniture in your house plan can create a place of comfort, personality and coziness—or imbalance and irritation! The old myth about furniture placement is that furniture should be lined up and grounded against something. But the fact is, you should have fun with your furniture! Take your living room for example. Create a cozy seating group by floating furniture off the walls to be closer to the fireplace or flat screen TV. You can also position an oversized sofa towards large windows to take advantage of a beautiful view or create a comfortable place to prop up your feet after a long day. Whatever your need, group your furniture together to maximize use and function. Leave adequate space so you and your guests are comfortable moving about the house and remember the nice thing about furniture is that it can always be rearranged!  



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