We took a leisurely detour the other day to check on the progress of our three Street of Dreams custom home designs at Deer Creek Highlands and can't help but share with you some photos of these fine homes under construction for the annual show.

Absolute Custom Homes


We are extremely excited for one home in particular. Our friends at Absolute Customs are building two of our designs for this year's Street of Dreams (they built one beautiful custom home last year too), and they've got one that is sure to knock off some socks.

The home will feature a stunning great room with a window-wall stairwell for sweeping views and lots of daylight, intricate ceiling details, and a sports court (to name a few!) The Mediterranean-esque home has been an interesting project from the start. Crunched with a last-minute deadline to enter the show, Absolute brought us a couple looking for an impressive ranch that didn't look like a ranch. It needed some substance, and it needed to impress! We raced to come up with a design that would fit the bill and after a few sketches and revisions, we came up with this!

Progress is coming along nicely - the clay tile roof and siding will be complete shortly. It's a very cool house to walk through even with it's skeleton exposed!

A view of the front with pallets full of clay tile for the roof.

A view from the rear with it's impressive stairwell full of windows.

A closer view of the stairwell from the exterior.

A view from the great room to the wall of windows.

The dinette with curved window wall and circular ceiling detail (framed very nicely by the way).

The Master Bedroom.

The stairwell from the basement.

The sports court.

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