Introducing Plan Packs, a new way for builders to get more out of their plans!

Looking for greater return out of your portfolio of plans?

Here at Advanced House Plans we understand the importance of curb appeal in building a marketable house. To make this impact we are introducing a whole new way to buy home plans.

The Plan Pack offers you an opportunity to purchase multiple elevation styles for the same floor plan virtually doubling the impact to your plan library!

For select plans, you have the option to include an additional elevation of the same plan. We include a full construction set with all the drawings adjusted as necessary to build the plan in either style.

Keep an eye out for plan packs as we publish new plans and revisit some classics!
Try out our first Plan Pack - the Greenberg + Katzberg - for free!

Greenberg house plan front elevation rendering

The Greenberg with its traditional-style elevation.

Katzberg house plan front elevation rendering

The Katzberg plan, with its Mediterranean twist.

Select "Yes" for Plan Pack under CUSTOMIZE THIS HOUSE PLAN  on either plan to order and use PPINTRODEAL at checkout to take advantage of this great new offer!


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  • Posted On October 10, 2013 by Paula McCombs

    Thank you Advanced House Plans! Our company has built your plans for years and this is just what we needed for our new neighborhood.

  • Posted On March 04, 2013 by Greg Forsdodge

    This is a great idea! Now I can build the same home in the same neighborhood without the homes looking alike. Great Idea Advanced House Plans!

  • Posted On March 04, 2013 by Greg

    This is a great idea! Now I

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