Happy 8th birthday to the Castleberry!

In honor of one of our most popular plans, and on its 8th year of existence, we are practically giving away the Castleberry! For years, this plan has been made home by hundreds of families, and we want to see even more enjoy it!


The Castleberry is a 2 story traditional house with a covered front porch and an open floor plan. The kitchen opens up to the great room and dining areas. Upstairs, there is a large master suite with a huge walk-in closet - a very popular feature! There is also a 830 sq. ft. 3 car garage.

The Castleberry is also one of our most popular spec homes for builders. Its simple design allows for easy and efficient construction. This handsome home is easily marketable and has great profit potential!

For your purchase of the Castleberry plan for $200, we will provide:

  • 1 printed set
  • 1 PDF set (via email)
  • Marketing Artwork Floor Plans

Buy the Castleberry today!

80% off good through Feb 28.


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