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We love great ideas, attention to details, unique materials, and gorgeous, functional living spaces. Here are some examples that are sure to inspire you as you dream up your new home (or of that remodel you've been longing to start).



When designing your kitchen, careful thought can make a big difference in not only in the aesthetics, but also in its use. Here's a thought about how that space above your cooktop could add some flavor and practicality to your cooking life!


For function, the possibilities include a hood, a vented microwave, a backsplash, a pot filler, or a storage shelf. And many of these options can be design features as well. A hood or section of decorative backsplash can act as a focal point. An open shelf can help fill the empty visual space between a cooktop and a hood. Incorporating two or more of these options together would lend a professional, layered look. Of course, all materials placed above the stove will see some cooking mess, so they need to be wipeable and nonporous.
Steer clear of storing cooking oils, spices and food above the cooktop, as high temperatures can make them undesirable for consumption. By contrast, cooking utensils, recipe cards and a kitchen timer come in handy above the stove. These photos show some ideas in action.




Nearly every house these days has a bit of steel hidden away somewhere in soffits and ceilings. If you're spending the money to support your home with steel, why not show it off? Here are some fantastic details that do just that.


Anybody who appreciates modern architecture surely appreciates exposed steel connections, be they steel to steel or steel to another material. The material's strength makes it ideal as a structural component in various ways. Welding, bolting, bending and other fastenings and manipulations give steel joints lots of character. This article focuses on these connections, looking at technical aspects but also the aesthetic richness they provide.



Last but not least, exceptional outdoor living spaces and ideas to make your own porch a place you love to be in!


Dining on the porch brings the best of both worlds. Whether out front or out back, screened or open, having a meal on the porch allows you to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor views without having to pack a basket or cram together on a picnic blanket. Here are eight tips for setting up a dining space on the porch. 




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