When designing our dream homes we put lots of time thinking about how spacious and efficient our kitchens will be, our bathrooms that will feel like a day spa, and our living spaces that will make you want to entertain every weekend just to show off your home. In today's culture of garage-door entry (my wife still punches in the garage code when visiting her folks), is the front door a think of the past, or is it an opportunity to make your home stand out in the block (and make you want to park in the driveway just to enjoy the experience)?

Enjoy the read, do some googling, and consider making a statement with a beautiful, thoughtful transition in and out of your home.


Does your home make you breathe a big sigh of relief when you walk in the door? It can, and should, though daily life oftentimes gets in the way of creating a space as beautiful and comfortable as we would like. Join us this week as we scout out inspiring entrances and share tips for pulling together a welcoming home, from appeal at the curb to creature comforts inside the door.


Read the rest of the article by Laura Gaskill via Houzz
Also check out this great pinboard on welcoming entries for more inspiration.
UPDATE: Houzz featured another great read (with cool pictures) on small porches and entry ways. Read it here!
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