Who doesn't love a front porch on your house? The front porch serves all of us in different ways. For some people their front porch is a view, a place to take in the scenery, whether your looking at the mountains, the rolling hills or the ocean, the front porch is your haven.

For others the front porch is a family hangout. Kids are making memories of playing on the porch with their toys, or maybe their parents are reading them a book on the porch swing.  Another place to get out of the house on a rainy day.

Most of us picture a porch as a welcoming entry to the house, a greeting place. It might of been the place where you met your spouses parents for the first time, or hung out with friends and reminisced about old times. The front porch can be so many things to a house plan. 

If a welcoming front porch is what you want on your next house plan, or even want to add one to your existing house plan please contact us for all your front porch dreams!


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