Luxury House plans set themselves apart from most house plans because of their unique amenities and settings that other house plans can not offer. The Luxury House is a well thought out house plan that could be nestled on a mountain or maybe it sits feet away from the Gulf coast. No matter how you envision your Luxury House plan it will be a house plan that has the amenities that will fit you and your families dreams.

The Luxury House Plans we design are over 4000 sq.ft. and have truly customized floor plans with attention to detail from tall ceilings, gourmet kitchens, large master suites, indoor sports courts, home theaters, hidden kids spaces and the list goes on and on. When designing a Luxury House Plan the site is very important. You want to offer ample space to let the house feel as if it was meant to be there. The way you live is how it should be nestled on your lot as well as the view you are trying to accomplish. 

When building a Luxury House Plan you will want to create a team that can work well together throughout the entire build, from your House designer to your builder to the Landscaper. Building a Luxury House Plan takes time and thought to pull it off but in the end you will accomplish your dream if you take the proper steps and preparation in the beginning. We offer a custom service to help get you started on creating your next Luxury House Plan here at Advanced House Plans.

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  • Posted On October 07, 2015 by Jefferson

    I think CK ‘s budget is well enoguh to stay in Wanchai and HK East (North Point).. still better than Ind area..But you can’t see many hot OL lu..

  • Posted On August 04, 2015 by Dan

    If you move out from Central to lower cost industrial areas, be preapred to lose some of your staff as well. A lot of OL take pride working in Central. This is a symbol of status.

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