The Tiny Home movement is sweeping the nation, with folks reconsidering their priorities and going "big" by going really, really small. Whether you are looking to significantly downsize, or just for a small plan to build out in the middle of nowhere, consider a tiny home. These efficient designs aim to get the most out of a small space, and are great projects to build yourself.

Our latest Plan of the Week is our own take at this unique perspective on home design. Meet the Kristine!

Kristine is a cute little tiny house plan that would make a great cabin. It's got a lofted sleeping space over the kitchenette. If you have some land and are looking for a modest home design to create a place to getaway and unplug from the world, this one may just be for you!


This plan has even been designed to allow for a stackable washer/dryer combo, and has cathedral ceiling to make it feel open and spacious even with a minimal building footprint.

The sleeping loft is above the kitchenette and is tucked under the cathedral ceiling.


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