Finding the right plan to build is not an easy task. It takes patience, an attentive eye, and even some luck to stumble upon that perfect fit house plan that combines the right look with a functional floor plan and economical price tag. While we aim to design every plan to be "just right" for someone, it's unrealistic to expect a plan to meet everyone's needs. Every builder is different - with unique clientele, building methods, and style. This is why we strive to design new house plans in a variety of sizes and styles. We're growing our portfolio of uniquely designed plans every week!
Cavallari 2 story house plan
Every once in a while, however, a plan catches the attention of more than just a few. The Cavallari 2 story house plan is just that, attracting more builders to it than nearly any of our other home plans. And builders aren't just building it once, they're coming back to us to modify it in a variety of clever and unique ways to make it even better for them and their clients! Perhaps it's the compact building footprint and simple construction that keeps costs low and construction time down, or the handsome exterior and efficient floor plan. Whatever the case may be, this plan is a hit and perhaps now would be a great time for you to share in it's success!
Cavallari house plan main floor plan
Cavallari house plan second floor plan
The Cavallari is a tried and true house plan and we'd love to share it's success with you at a significantly reduced cost. For just $500, half the original price, you can own this plan for yourself. 
This deal is only available thru 05/18/15.


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