More than just house plans, we have an ever-growing collection of garage plans in a wide range of styles, sizes, and functions. Many of these make great project plans that, with a little construction experience and guidance, you can put together yourself. Don't just settle for an off the shelf garage, find a design with some character that will provide you with years of function while adding value and beauty to your property.

You've got some space, you've got some ideas, we've got some plans! Not just home plans (which we have hundreds of original designs), we've got dozens of beautifully crafted garage plans for all kinds of purposes and in a variety of sizes and styles.

Garages today are more than just a box to put away our things, they're a significant part of our lives. Growing up, my dad was always in the garage. He rarely worked on crafty projects - he was far more likely to fix computers than build something - but the garage was his place. Before I recall hearing the now-cliche reference, my dad would often retreat to his "man-cave". He'd often scold us kids for never putting our bikes and sports equipment away as we ought to (I did not learn the first time he ran over a bike), and every spring his favorite day of the year was spring cleaning. He'd remove every item from the garage, clean it from top to bottom, and put it all back together just so. I'm certain dad played his best hands of online poker (he still brags about how much fake money he's earned) in that garage.

Looking for a sweet workshop plan? Check out the Kimmons garage plan.

Kimmons boat garage with workshop

The garage I grew up with, and my dad still enjoys, isn't detached. We lived in a humble split-level in the 'burbs, and my room directly above it was always the hottest and coldest giving me a profound sense gratitude for modern-day insulation requirements! But when asked dad always says he wants a small house on a lake. I'm almost certain he'd want a personalized garage with space to get away, enjoy the view, and, of course, have all his fishing gear in perfect order!

It's easy to find and build a simple garage. Not that there is anything wrong with the kits you can find at any number of local home improvement stores, but most of them lack character that you just can't put a dollar sign to. But with a little searching, and dreaming, perhaps you can find a perfect garage plan that fits all your space and functional requirements and makes you smile to use it and show it off. I'm certain we can help you do just that!

We've even got several garage plans with storage lofts that take advantage of your attic space and give you that extra room to archive, hide away, or to create your own man-cave to get away from it all! Check out our garages with apartments too - these make great guest homes!

Ruby Grace garage plan with a guest apartment

Like all the plans on our site, every garage plan is designed and drafted by Advanced House Plans. Because of this, we can help you make any plan your own by modifying them nearly any way you require. Any plan can be revised to reflect the way you build, your style, and to your specifications. For that plan that just needs a little something more to be exactly what you need, give us a call at 402-445-0489 for a free quote!


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