"What's in a name?" Excellent question, Mr. Shakespeare! The late great literary master once pondered this question in Romeo and Juliette. In the classic tale, Juliette posits that a name can matter very little. She cared not that Romeo was a Montague. Smith, Johnson, Hafmeister - whatever surname succeeded the name of her dear Romeo - he would still be the man she loved, regardless of the deadly feuds that name might have with her family's.

However, while the name you and I inherit and are given at birth may not mean a whole lot (my last name" Staab" means one who carries a staff as a symbol of office - and I can't find anyone in my family tree with any sort of royalty or high position), the name of a company ought to stand for something. Whether it points to a history of ownership, or the products and services they offer, there's a reason for a name. You have never wondered why Burger King doesn't sell and install tires, have you?

We are often asked, "if you call yourself Advanced House Plans, what makes you so advanced?" We're constantly asking the question ourselves, and happy to answer!

Advanced House Plans is advanced. We're constantly working to create the best home plans that respond to changing styles and trends. We challenge ourselves to produce the best construction documents, providing clear drawings to make your build as clear as possible. Our staff has actual hands-on experience in residential construction. We understand what it takes to build a great home! Our technical support is second to none, and we are always happy to answer questions. We are problem solvers, solution makers, and our custom design team time and again crafts beautiful custom homes and remodel projects that have earned us a reputation locally and across the country!

We're advanced because we never settle. We're constantly learning, listening, and responding in order to provide exceptional service for builders and homeowners.

In the coming weeks leading up to IBS 2015, we'd love to share more about what makes us advanced. Advanced is at the core of what we do!

As an example, we've recently started showing you additional 3D views of the latest designs we create. Instead of relying on just one image, and guessing based on the floor plans, we want to make every plan clear and understood so you can have confidence in the plans you purchase. Keep an eye out for these additional perspectives as we release new plans!

See more of the McGrath plan.


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