Build Your Advantage with Our Specially Selected House Plans.

As a home builder, you understand the success of your business comes down to three basic principles: Selling a product that appeals to buyers...for a price they're willing to pay...with a profit margin that increases your bottom line.

That's why we at Advanced Houseplans have developed SPEC BUILD, a free, online resource that once each week, provides you with a specially selected house plan that's designed to help you build your advantage in your local market.

Each house plan chosen for SPEC BUILD meets four criteria that are essential for your success as a home builder.

1. House Plans that are Economical to Build.

We make sure to design cost-efficient aspects into every SPEC BUILD plan compromising on style. Cost-saving design elements such as square foundations with uncomplicated "footprints," simple rooflines, standard cabinet sizes and much more, work together to help keep your material and labor costs down and your margins up.

2. Thoughtful Floor Plans on the Inside. Great Curb Appeal on the Outside.

Every home buyer appreciates a floor plan that "makes sense." From first impressions just inside the front door, to the overall flow of traffic on every level of the home, our SPEC BUILD floor plans are carefully crafted with common sense in mind. What's more, our practical floor plans are tastefully "wrapped" inside appealing exteriors that encompass a wide range of architectural styles. Beautiful on the outside, these homes imply exceptional design on the inside. And remember...curb appeal sells.

3. Efficient Use of Space.

Don't look for wasted space on a SPEC BUILD floor plan, because it won't be there. In keeping with our common sense approach to floor plans, SPEC BUILD house plans maximize usable square footage and eliminate unusable spaces. We limit the length of hallways, incorporate flex and multi-use rooms, and include bonus storage areas whenever possible. This of course, is a win-win situation for you, the builder, and your satisfied buyers -- who will be spreading the word about those efficiently designed homes you build.

4. Family-Centered Design.


Perhaps the most significant criteria for a SPEC BUILD house plan is its Family-Centered Design. Based on our years of experience in designing custom homes for families, these house plans include specific features that any family will appreciate. Features such as:Mud Rooms with benches and lockers to help contain clutter. Mom's Rooms that provide a bit of privacy for mom -- a flexible space where she can enjoy hobbies, use as an office, or simply relax.

  • Open Views inside the home, for the sake of "keeping an eye" on the kids (younger or older), as well as plenty of windows to provide views of children's outdoor rompings.
  • Activity-Specific Areas such as sports courts, billiard or ping pong rooms, theater rooms, acting stages, etc., that provide safe environments for kids to explore their athletic or creative sides. Outdoor Spaces such as porches, decks, patios and fire pits, that serve to extend the functional living and entertaining spaces of the home's interior.
  • Additionally, our Family-Centered designs include lots of storage, efficiently designed and located laundry rooms, large pantries, multi-functional garages, privately located stairways, storm shelters and last, but certainly not least, pet-friendly features.

The whole intent of our Family-Centered Design philosophy is to help families get the most enjoyment and practical use from their homes. Of course, not all families live in the same way or have the same needs, so we offer plan modifications that can meet the specific needs of any family.

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We at Advanced Houseplans have been partnering with home builders since 2002. We understand the challenges that you face. We know that day-by-day, you're investing your heart, your soul -- and more tangibly -- your hard-earned money to create a place for people to call home. But in doing so, you need to bring something  to this game -- something that will earn your buyers' loyalty, while also earning you a good living. That's the point of SPEC BUILD.

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