Don't play it safe, be bold with color to make your home stand out!

These days, it seems the the thing to do is to fashion your home, well, like everyone else. Neutral greys, olives and tans abound. Check out some of these spaces that dare to be bold and see how an eye-catching color can highlight the unique design of a living space and give it that pop to make it stand out from the crowd!

Via Jennifer Ott on Houzz

Consider cranking up the heat in your living or family room by painting your walls in spicy shades of red, yellow or orange. Keep in mind that pure, high-intensity versions of these hues can feel overwhelming — especially in a small space that gets little to no natural light. If you have a small living room or lack ample windows, try keeping the majority of the space white or bathed in a light neutral, then turn up the volume by adding splashes of a more vibrant color.


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