Introducing the Advanced House Plans Bid/Study Sets

Sometimes when you want to build a plan, you may not want to commit to the full plan purchase until you know you can afford it. That is where our bid/study sets are perfect.

What is a bid set?

A bid set is an incomplete, scalable set of plans that allows a builder to bid out a house before buying the full set of plans.

What is included in a bid set?

A bid set includes the following items

  • 2D Elevations - Images depicting the front, rear and sides of the house, including roof pitches
  • Wall Sections - A cross section of a typical wall showing the construction details of the house, including roof framing and floor systems
  • Floor Plans - Basic scalable layout of the home with exterior dimensions
  • Electrical Plans - Shows the location of outlets, fixtures and switches. They are shown as a separate sheet to make the floor plans more legible
  • Roof Plan - Shows the layout of the roof with roof pitches

Notice: Purchasing a bid/study set of plans does not provide you a license to build the plan. Building a plan from the bid set is subject to copyright laws. Please review our copyright information.

Below is an example bid set. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

AHP Bid Set Cover Sheet
AHP Bid Set Cover Sheet
AHP Bid Set Cover Sheet
AHP Bid Set Cover Sheet
AHP Bid Set Cover Sheet
AHP Bid Set Cover Sheet
AHP Bid Set Cover Sheet
Did you know?

When you purchase a bid set from Advanced House Plans, you can apply that purchase towards the full plan set. You will get a promo code for the full price after purchase.

By clicking on this button, you acknowledge that what is shown on this page is what is included in the bid set.

You also acknowledge that this is not a full set of plans, and you do not have a license to build this plan.