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Our featured plans are some of our latest and favorite plans we highly recommend to you! 

  • $899.00 Castleberry


    29084 | House Plan


    Main 1003 ft²
    Second 1197 ft²
    Total Living 2200 ft²
    Garage 876 ft²


    Width 60 ft
    Depth 43 ft
    Ridge Height 29 ft
    Roof Pitch 7/12 F-B, 12/12 S-S


    Bedrooms 3
    Bathrooms 4
    Car Bays 3
  • $1,099.00 Legacy Hills

    Legacy Hills

    29345 | House Plan


    Main 2020 ft²
    Second 1529 ft²
    Total Living 3549 ft²
    Garage 675 ft²


    Width 59 ft
    Depth 68 ft
    Ridge Height 32 ft
    Roof Pitch 8/12 F-B, 12/12 S-S


    Bedrooms 4
    Bathrooms 4
    Car Bays 2
  • $899.00 Higgins


    29276 | House Plan


    Main 1058 ft²
    Second 1205 ft²
    Total Living 2263 ft²
    Garage 901 ft²


    Width 55 ft
    Depth 49 ft
    Ridge Height 29 ft
    Roof Pitch 6/12


    Bedrooms 4
    Bathrooms 3
    Car Bays 3
  • $900.00 Thompson


    29140 | House Plan


    Main 1590 ft²
    Second 560 ft²
    Total Living 2150 ft²
    Garage 975 ft²


    Width 65 ft
    Depth 61 ft
    Ridge Height 28 ft
    Roof Pitch 7/12 F-B, 10/12 S-S


    Bedrooms 3
    Bathrooms 3
    Car Bays 3
  • $1,100.00 Fairchild


    29123 | House Plan


    Main 2176 ft²
    Second 1346 ft²
    Total Living 3522 ft²


    Width 71 ft
    Depth 76 ft


    Bedrooms 5
    Bathrooms 4
    Car Bays 3

  • The Commonwealth house plan


    With careful attention to detail, and a functional floor plan, Commonwealth stands out from the crowd. This elegant 2 story modern home plan boasts of a unique facade, open livings spaces, and a grand staircase. There are 2 secondary bedrooms...

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