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Our featured plans are some of our latest and favorite plans we highly recommend to you! 

  • $699.00 Giovanni


    29361 | House Plan


    Main 640 ft²
    Second 588 ft²
    Total Living 1228 ft²


    Width 20 ft
    Depth 38 ft
    Ridge Height 29 ft
    Roof Pitch 10/12 primary 4/12 secondary


    Bedrooms 2
    Bathrooms 3
  • $199.00 Kimmons


    29362 | Garage Plan


    Main 153 ft²
    Garage 480 ft²


    Width 29 ft
    Depth 30 ft
    Roof Pitch 4


    Car Bays 1
  • $799.99 Paradise Valley

    Paradise Valley

    29354 | Multi Family House Plan


    Main 1889 ft²
    Second 1889 ft²
    Total Living 1889 ft²


    Width 35 ft
    Depth 84 ft
    Ridge Height 41 ft
    Roof Pitch 4/12 Primary 6/12 Secondary


    Bedrooms 3
    Bathrooms 2
  • $899.99 Abigale


    29359 | House Plan


    Main 1008 ft²
    Second 1301 ft²
    Total Living 2309 ft²
    Garage 491 ft²


    Width 30 ft
    Depth 67 ft
    Ridge Height 32 ft
    Roof Pitch 12/12 S-S 10/12 F-B 8/12, 4/12 Secondary


    Bedrooms 3
    Bathrooms 3
    Car Bays 2
  • $799.99 Park Meadows

    Park Meadows

    29355 | House Plan


    Main 1657 ft²
    Second 1811 ft²
    Total Living 3468 ft²
    Garage 520 ft²


    Width 33 ft
    Depth 80 ft
    Ridge Height 30 ft
    Roof Pitch 6/12 Primary 4/12 Secondary


    Bedrooms 4
    Bathrooms 3
    Car Bays 2

  • The Mclaren house plan


    Mclaren is a lovely 2-story, traditional, rowhouse plan great for narrow lots! The plan has a gorgeous exterior with a prominent window bay, and modest covered porch. The floor plan is simple and efficient, making this a great low-budget build!The...

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  • Affordable Closets

    Affordable Closets

    Since 2003, Affordable Closets has been adding more space to local homes and businesses in Nebraska and Iowa, one closet at a time. Closets, pantries, garages - and more, they can help you create beautiful and efficient storage solutions for...

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